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One after another

Thank you for the nice comments about the stockings!

I really liked this pattern; it called for sport weight yarn (Dale Heilo) on 3.25mm (US3) needles, but I downsized it a little with fingering weight (Dale Baby Ull) on 2.75mm needles. The pattern worked out just fine with the new gauge...don't you love it when that happens?

Blossom, Anna and Lulu all asked if they stay obediently up.

Oh boy, do they.

I cheated a little and sewed a band of elastic into the ribbing. If I make these again, I'd probably do what the Big Book Of Knitting recommends and create a tube of stockinette with three needle bindoff at the top of the ribbing as I knit to hold a band.

Overall, a very fun, semi-quick knit, though my tension leaves a little to be desired around the needle changes - it's hard to create an even float when the yarn wants to take the shortest distance around the corner. I might have to...gasp! try Magic Loop out if I make these again and forego my beloved DPNs.

So all along, I've been insisting that these little socks were just a break from the thirteen quintillion other big projects I've got going; that they were a fun little fillip and that I'd get back to duty-knitting just as soon as I could.

Lies, all lies.

Despite all the bitching I've done about Merino Oro, I went out and bought another skein and cast on for the Fir Cone Square out of Folk Shawls.

This'll be a Christmas gift, too, so it counts as Knitting I Should Be Doing, right?

My Sainted Boyfriend came with me to the yarn store and got suckered into keeping the swift turning evenly while I wound all 1300 yards of this by hand. Sorry! And also, hee!