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The living room at 11:45

< Yawn >

< glancing at the clock > It's getting late. Better get to bed...I'm just going to knit off this needle. It'll take just a minute.


Well, maybe I should just finish the round. Don't they tell you to never stop in the middle of a row in straight knitting? Though I can't see how it could make much of a difference on DPNs, it must be important. Hang on just one second; I just want to finish this round.


< regarding knitting critically > Maybe it wouldn't be wise to stop in the middle of a pattern repeat...what if my gauge changes between now and when I pick it up tomorrow? It could happen, you know. I don't think it ever has before, but it totally could. Yeah, I think I better finish this repeat. It'll be done in a flash.


Oh, these calf decreases are written in such a cool way...what a smart idea. The rounds are fairly flying by now...let me just get the pattern set, 'kay? One sec.


Boy, the rounds are going so quickly after decreasing. I'm practically at the heel shaping anyway...it would take only a couple more pattern repeats. I'm worried, though, that I didn't buy enough yarn for both socks...the yardage counts are off, I think. Or my substitutions were miscalculated - they called for DK on 3.25mms, but I'm using fingering on 2.75mms.


Of course that 3/4 millimeter makes a difference. Weren't you listening at ALL?


Dude, this heel flap is so cool. Here, look. Look! Pretty, right? What's that look for?


Okay. I mean it this time. I'm done, really. I just want to turn the heel flap and work the gussets and the body of the foot real quick.

It'll take just a minute.

Where are you going?