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Sweet Leah over at Use Your Hands tagged me. Thank you, Leah :)

TEN YEARS AGO: I was in sixth grade (!)

FIVE YEARS AGO: I had, in a fit of disgust, graduated high school a year early by taking a senior english credit over the summer and getting my diploma in the mail, much to the dismay of the high-retention-rate-loving coordinator of the IB program I was in. I got a job at PR firm in the city, moved into the first of many apartments in Dupont Circle, and suddenly found that everything moved very quickly.

ONE YEAR AGO: I had just left a materials technology startup in a storm of tears and burnout and was interviewing to be a technical writer on a huge GSA proposal for MCI. Jeff and I had been dating for a year...he'd come down to my apartment, I'd cook really fabulous food, and we'd fall asleep watching The Daily Show every night.

FIVE SNACKS: Kettle-style potato chips; cold pasta eaten standing up in front of the fridge; Judy Rogers' egg fried in breadcrumbs; cold Orange Beef; pie.

FIVE SONGS I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO: "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry; "Comfort Eagle" by Cake; "Hotwax" by Beck...um..."To Sir With Love" by Lulu..."King of the Road" as sung by Dean Martin

FIVE THINGS I WOULD DO WITH $100 MILLION: 1) Invest. 2) Gamble (just to see what it's like). 3) Create a scholarship for first-generation kids. 4) Eat and drink at The Fat Duck, Arzak, El Bulli, and all over Japan. 5) Make my family and friends comfortable.

FIVE PLACES TO RUN AWAY TO: The desert (Sonoran); the mountains (Blue Ridge); the ocean (Great Barrier Reef); the city (London and Florence)

FIVE THINGS I WOULD NEVER WEAR: Birkenstocks; excessively flared jeans; tube tops; ponchos in any form; anything with a visible logo.

FIVE FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Deadwood, Carnivale (the first season, anyway), The Daily Show...umm...that's about it.

FIVE BIGGEST JOYS: Working with my hands; reading a really good book for the first time; spending time with my family; doing work I'm really proud of; seeing my name in a byline (it never gets old).

FAVORITE TOYS: My Powerbook, hands down. I don't really have any other gadgets or toys.

PEOPLE TO PASS THIS ON TO: Here's the thing - I'm sort of new at this whole thing, and have no idea who has and who hasn't done a meme.

Do you have a blog? Have you done this? Let me know, and I'll tag you.


you can tag me?!?

I'm new to blogging.

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