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It's not the mountain we conquer

Yarn shops? Don't talk to me about yarn shops. You're looking at a girl who thinks of going to the yarn store like a kid dreams of going to the candy shop - with epicurean, voluptuous pleasure. Going to the yarn store with money to spend? Call Sir Edmund Hillary; it's an expedition fraught with dilemnas and obstacles (silk or wool? or wool-silk blend?), tempered by breathless discovery and revelation (my God...pink fingering angora! At $8.00 a 200m skein!).

Which is why it's such a pleasure to come across a new (to me) store. Will the staff be sweet? Will I want to go and chat with them? Will the walls be lined with merino and cashmere, or with yarn dripping with cheap spangles and "fun fur" (totally my new favorite euphemism for pubic hair)?

Babble aside, All About Yarn is a great store off 108 in Columbia - it's enormous, full of beautiful and hard-to-find things, including more hand-dyed silk than is good for me, and staffed with knowledgeable, personable people. It's a bit out of the way, so I thought I'd pass this tip along to anyone in the DC/Baltimore area.

Another day; another two repeats on the kimono shawl. It's getting loooong already...I think 20 repeats will be plenty. Which means I'm more than halfway done!


Hi Eunny!

I was browsing through the egullet forums in anticipation of a trip to DC in a couple of weeks and thought "Eunny Jang, that's a familiar name..." and realized that I've been reading your blog on and off since I learned how to knit last winter. You mentioned one yarn shop in this post... are there any in DC you'd recommend?

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