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You just keep me hanging on

I needed new TV knitting. My dad's sweater (the point I'm at, anyway), is so boring it's not any fun to knit.

Enter Merino Oro:

I wound most of this hank, by hand (!!!!!), and started on the Kimono Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's book Folk Shawls. I got through three repeats while finally watching Crash. The movie was overrated, and more than a little ham-fisted...but it's okay, because the lace pattern is lovely and fast-growing, and is easily memorized, and is going to block out like a champ.

My mom is going to love this.

Eunny - 1; Christmas Eve panic - 0.

Grievance Of The Day - The Korean term for wisdom teeth is "salang-ee", or "love-teeth", the implication being, I guess, that they emerge when one is ready for love. I believe this is only because it's too unwieldly to say "Tenth-Circle-Of-Hell-Teeth", or "Pass-the-effing-bourbon-NOW-teeth."