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So Ronery

I have only one project officially on the needles. How did that happen? I diligently bought yarn I didn't need; ogled magazines; leered at kits and needles and shop samples until my eyeballs dried up and fell out of their sockets. And yet the fact remains that Martha, bravely, is holding down the fort all alone. Swift corrective action must be taken now, and stronger precautionary measures in the future.

My dad needs a sweater, and his birthday is coming up. I'm thinking a gansey-style with an allover basketweave yoke rather than a multi-pattern.

Maybe a shawl collar; maybe a turtleneck with toggle closures or something.

And hooray! I finally cast on for the baby sweater I've been dying to really get nitty-gritty with:

After a couple false starts, I think I've found a colorway I can live with. I particularly like the winey red and the bright pink, and the way they really brighten the whole thing. I'm partly making the pattern as I go along and partly following the half-assed chart I drew last month.

And I'm really feeling smug about this one-handed fair isle method I've devised for myself (though I know lots of ethnic color knitting is traditionally done with one hand, and I know there are plenty of better knitters than I am who've espoused this method). I'm tensioning the two colors together over the pinky, holding the pattern color over the index finger, and holding the background color over the middle finger. Since I'm a picker to begin with, this is really comfortable, and best of all, fast. The balls never get tangled, you get into an over-under rhythm very quickly, and weaving the carried yarn in on every single blessed stitch is so easy, so simple, so devoid of extraneous movement (just knit, alternately, from above and from below the strand you wish to carry, and it's automatically caught!), that I'm dangerously close to weeping tears of joy.

No little kiddie fingers are getting caught in THIS sucker. Gold, Jerry, gold!