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Actual progress

The front panel of Butterfly is done:

I'm amazed at how quickly this went. I sat down this morning and completed the top half of this in a couple hours - I'd guess there are maybe only six or seven actual knitting hours in this front piece. The back will go even faster, as I've decided to do a straight bind-off at the armhole, rather than duplicate the front neckshaping.

I got a nice chunk of Martha done as well:

I love this fabric, these beads, this color, this pattern, everything. I'm busy thinking, too, about the mechanics of the mods I'm planning on - split side seams and sleeve cuffs; lapels; etc. With the rate this is going, it won't be long.

Tomorrow, I'll have an Actual! Finished! Object! to show you, but I'm not adverse to showing it during the wet-blocking it's undergoing to correct some shaping:

The Beowulf hoodie?