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The Executive Summary

Jeff's sweater is on the homestretch -

I'm going to knit both sleeves at once; that way, once they're off the needle, the main knitting is done. I have an idea for the actual construction of this garment (the shoulder straps, particularly), but I have to think about it. If I know me, it will probably turn out to be a ridiculous, unwieldly method that manages to actually be worse than the sewing I was trying to avoid in the first place.

Martha's clipping along at a nice pace, too:


The pattern in the forming fabric is a series of groovy interlocking waves, but the stitches should open up to almost perfect squares when blocked. To tell the truth, I'm not sure which I like better:

And Butterfly, slut that she is, is actually becoming easier the less time I spend on her. I'd guess I'm about 30% through the back now. No, wait...make that 50 or 60 if you count the frill.

I apologize. I know...there are only so many pictures one can take of crumpled lace-in-progress.