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Sooo close

I'm at that point on both Butterfly and on Jeff's sweater where the thing is sooooo close to being done that it's driving me insane that it's not yet.

The main knitting for butterfly is done. I must admit, crazy-making though it is, it's always interesting to see crumply, egg-cartony lace go from this

to this

to this.

I reblocked the front stacked with the back to ensure a perfect matchup for seaming. Aligning all those little diamonds - that was a party, let me tell you.

I was asked how I block items - I do the standard soak in wool wash and lukewarm water, then stretch to shape and pin with quilter's T-pins. I think, though, for my next lace project, I'll use this method...it's such a forehead-slappingly obvious, elegant solution to maintaining straight lines without paying $27 for those packets of glorified coat hanger wire they sell for blocking.

I love how the frill is turning out - the pattern is very clear, but the overall effect is soft and ruffly.

I'm in the middle of seaming the second long seam right now. The fact that the lace goes right! Up! To! The! Edge! makes this whole business kind of a bitch - I gave up on mattress seam after three or four stitches, and am now doing a very inexact, shutting-my-eyes-and-stabbing backstitch that (hopefully) stays just a stitch in from the edge. And the directions for joining the frill, as written, are ridiculous...there's no real reason why you couldn't do a straight caston and castoff, and just sew them. Sure, it's a teensy bit clumsier to have a narrow seam there, but if it saves your eyesight, your fingertips, and your sanity, I think the tradeoff is acceptable.

The neglected macho Aran is humming along, too. The sleeves are about four inches from starting the shoulder strap - then I'll have just knitting and attaching the saddle and some seaming to do. Is it done yet, or what?


Eunny, was this your first ever blog post or did you have another blog before this one? The reason I'm asking is because I love reading your blog and seeing your projects, and I was wondering if you've published something on the web before august of last year?

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