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Powerbook jacket

I'm a messy girl. I love my trusty little Powerbook, but I don't treat it very well. Coffee, potato chips, lint from yarn, pen ink...they've all gotten a little too close for comfort from time to time.

I'm also a greedy girl. My stash has become overwhelming. Buried in there, I found balls of brown, white and red Manos, a ball of blue Pastaza, some purple Lamb's Pride, and a skein of dark grey Cascade 220 floating around, begging me to do something with them.


I love how this turned out - I really kind of lucked out in that a project that required fiddly construction and very precise fitting worked on the first try. To wit:

1) Measure your laptop, make a paper pattern of all the flaps and cutouts you want, and make a felted swatch to determine felted gauge:

2) Figure out your pattern and knit it up:

3) Felt it to a good deal smaller than it should be and spin as dry as possible; seal your laptop in a gallon Ziploc or somesuch, and block to a perfect fit:

There's some finishing work to do on this yet; I need to sew some sort of clasps to the front flaps and attach some proper elastic in the front corners to hold the top in position when open. And though I tried to leave the vents in the back clear, I'm still a little worried about heat dissipation...I might end up cutting some decorative/functional holes in the bottom panel. Even still...I've already skipped ahead to step 4...

4) Feel rather unattractively smug.