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First, can I just say to all you gorgeous people out there how much I appreciate the sweet comments you've left and the messages you've sent, and the fact that you've come by to visit at all? I'm sure you know this already, but...you're the real heroes. To show my gratitude, I'm offering my firstborn son, should that ever come to pass, on a first-dibs basis. Sign up now!

I know I promised a finished object today, but I'm mired in a pit of almost-finished object angst. I want to make some knotwork frogs out of leather, but every placement I can think of seems awkward. The best I've come up with so far is the drawing on the left - a narrow strip of leather running down the front bands, with knotwork buttons and loops at intervals. Dunno yet.

And because it will give you such a good idea of what this looks like, here's a blurry, arm's-length photo of one quadrant of the front side of the garment.

Butterfly's chugging along; the frill for the back panel is done and the pattern set. Memorizing the lace pattern helped immensely with the frill - the pattern for the body is incredibly simple (it could qualify for movie-theater knitting, if the stitches weren't too fine to knit by touch), but the frill has lace stitches on both right and wrong sides, and a constantly changing stitch count. For me, anyway, it's nothing like an aran pattern that can be seen forming as you knit; it took a really careful walk-through of the 8-row repeat with the goal of understanding exactly what each stitch was doing where, to make this easy in any sense of the word.

old 4.5mm (US7) Crystal Palace bamboo circulars (the pattern calls for a US 8), with the points filed to extreme sharpness. They're fine for this project, as the whole garment can be bunched onto the needle portions comfortably, but I would never use these when a laceweight yarn will end up on or move around the cord. It's impossible to tug anything fine over that join.

I have another idea I'm working on...

Yeah, the swatch is in ugly stashed colors and at too fine a gauge, and the chart I drew for myself had some problems...but it was one in the morning and I was just excited about where this could go. Stay tuned.